Vertical Spindle Rotary Table Surface Grinder

Vertical Spindle Rotary Table Surface Grinder


YDV-1000 E YDV-1000A

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions
The machine body is made of high ductile cast iron, rugged & robust structure and treated by varoius treatments & precision ground, durable & lasting, not to deform forever, which can be assured the machining accuracy & it ' s stability.

The column is designed of boxed structrue & three point supporting, robust structures and suitable for heavy duty processing. Furthermore, the special designed mainspndle motor and equipped with high precision bearings. As for, the up & down transmitting which adopted high precision ball screw, accuracy & durable, Since, the temp advanced lessly which suitable for long time processed

The machine base is also designed of boxed structure which can be loaded heavy weight workpiece for grounded. The sliding way is designed ofV & flat profile and coupled with forced lubricating device, so that, the longitudinal movement is stable & smooth.

The working table is drived by hyd, motor and the rev. speed which controlled by throttle valve. The auto feeding is adopted servo motor driving, so that, the feedrate is accuracy & stable

Concentrated control panel which convenient for operating.

The cooling system is adopted the central water suppling from motor, good of cooling effectness

The machine is suitable for grinding material such as: steel, glass, cast iron, stone material etc.,




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