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Expert in Vacuum Pumps
Handles fluids of various viscosities; resists acid & alkali.
Energy-efficient, super-fast, quiet and durable!
Portable vacuum cleaner
Quickly extracts engine, transmission oil etc. to make car repair/maintenance easy, fast and efficient.
Founded in 1987, Hsiao Li Kao Ent. Corp. is a designer, developer and maker of pneumatic vacuum oil pumps featuring compactness, durability and built to resist acids and alkalis, as well as regularly offer innovative items to meet made-to-order needs and changing trends.
Corrosive-resistant and streamlined, our lightweight, portable oil pumps feature height-adjustable suction pipe and safety valve for automatic decompression to easily pump typical oils, solvents and high-viscosity fluids. Talk to us for more info.
Pumping More Into Auto-repair Equipment Business
50-gallon-pumps & low-noise powerful vacuum pumps for auto-mechanics
Handles fluids of various viscosities and resists acid & alkali
Expert in Vacuum Pumps, Pneumatic Components, Pneumatic Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Air Tools General, Air Grease Pumps, Air Oil Pumps, Oil Guns Pneumatic, Equipment for Automobile Repair Plants, Portable Lubricator Grease Bucket Pumps, Pneumatic Vacuum Oil Pumps Featuring Compactness



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