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CAN GO COMPANY LTD. Professional tissue paper making machine, packing machinery ,package machine.

CAN GO COMPANY LTD. Hygienic Tissue Paper Making Machine.tissue paper packaging machine ,Wrapper Packaging Machine:
Zig-Zig interfold towel paper machine, interfolders facial tissue machine, serviette paper napkin machine, fully automatic wrapping packaging machine,
Auto cartoner, facial tissue packaging, Hand towel tissue machine, Wet tissue machine, Wet wipe machine, Wet towel machine,Osibori machine, Serviette paper napkin machine,Toilet roll tissue, Kitchen towel roll converting machine whole plant,JRT,Maxi roll machine,Industrial roll,auto JRT Log saw,Log cutter,Slitter rewinder,slitting rewinder for paper, film, foil
Foods service film rewinder,Cling film rewinder,Aluminum foil rewinder,foil roll rewinder, Aluminum foil tray,Aluminum foil plate,Aluminum foil container, paper tray machine, paper plate machine, To Go Food pail, take away pail, take out box machine, Chinese take out box machine,Composite canister converting line, postal shipping tube machine, carboard sleeve tube spiral paper core tube winder, convolute paper core winder, cardboard parallel tube winder, fiber drum machine, paper drum machine,Parallel paper core winder,spiral paper core winder, cardboard tube cutting machine,large diameter cardboard core recutter,Muiti-ID paper core cutting machine, paper core recutter,big diameter cardboard sleeve tube cutting machine
All Disposable Products making and Packing Machines, auto packing machiniery.

Welcome contact us e-mail: cangotaiwan@gmail.com, cangotw@gmail.com call us tel: 886-2-26762341,26762037 skype: cangotw Whatsapp : pls your cell. mobile No.
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